Conference EU Jean Monnet Chair // Saint Malo


EUropean spatial data for COastal and MArine REmote sensing

17-19 May 2022

EUCOMARE conference Feedback

The EUCOMARE (EUropean spatial data for COastal and MArine REmote sensing) conference was successfully concluded on 19 May 2022 in Saint Malo (France).

Eucomare was organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet European Chair in Space Studies of the Sea and Coastal Areas, funded by the European ERASMUS projects. Dr. HDR. Simona Niculescu (the Jean Monnet Chair), the EUCOMARE conference chairs, the members of the steering committee and the scientific committee are grateful for the participation, the high quality presentations, the debate and the good atmosphere of this conference.

During three days, 5 sessions were addressed. 15 scientific studies were presented in the first session, which focused on marine, coastal and aquatic ecosystem monitoring and biodiversity management. In addition to two keynote presentations, Professor Dar Roberts, from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Dr Marc Lennon.

The second session was dedicated to coastal wetlands with two presentations, in addition to the presentation of the keynote speaker, Dr Emiliano Agrilo from Italy. 

The third session has been devoted to the Land Use / Land Cover - Sea Use / Sea Cover, where three PhD students were invited to present and discuss their work. 

The second day ended with a wonderful boat trip in the bay of Saint Malo and a dinner on the boat (Etoile de Molène).

The last day was dedicated to the last two sessions, namely the innovation in deep learning and artificial intelligence in marine and coastal monitoring and the session on marine, coastal and aquatic geomorphology and risk management with 8 presentations. In addition to the presentation of a keynote speaker from South Africa, Phd Melanie Luk-Vogel and Mr Olivier Michel from Unseenlabs. The conference was closed by a poster session where 5 posters were presented.

During the three days of the EUCOMARE conference, the sessions were conveniently moderated by Dr. Dar Roberts (USA), Dr. Soumia Bengoufa (France), Dr. Junshi Xia (Japan), Dr. Jarbas Bonetti (Brazil), Dr. Marion Jaud and Dr. Antoine Collin (France), Dr. OKANGA-GUAY Marjolaine (Gabon), Dr. Heidi Van Deventer (South Africa) and Dr. Daniela Faur (Romania).

The scientific contribution have been or will be published as papers in two special issues: an issue of Remote Sensing (link) and a conference proceeding with Springer Nature (by December 2022).


Within the framework of the European Copernicus program, satellite data are effortlessly accessible to the scientific community, companies and public. At the same time, the massive opening of digital data in various forms (spatialized or not) and across different fields, opens new avenues of research and applications. Recent advances in terms of sensor’s radiometric, spatial, temporal and spectral resolution, as well as new data processing approaches in remote sensing provides the most valuable set of tools for monitoring and mapping the various characteristics of marine, coastal and aquatic systems (Macroalgae, Seagrasses, Temperate Reefs, Coral Reefs, Salt Marshes, Mangroves, Peatlands, Aquatic Vegetation, River Systems, Estuaries, Deltas, etc.).

Indeed, this conference will highlight the contributions of remote sensing and its application for marine, coastal and aquatic zones monitoring. It aims to create an opportunity to disseminate knowledge of the issues related to the use of satellite products, new data processing methods and technologies, for marine, coastal and aquatic sciences.

The contributions for session 1 could be submitted either for :
1- A publication in a special issue of Remote Sensing Journal
All articles selected by the scientific committee for this issue Remote Sensing will receive a discount of 30% of the publication fee.
2- A publication in the EUCOMARE special volume (please check the deadlines) of Springer Nature Edition by December 2022.

Thus, accepted papers submitted in the remaining sessions (2-7) will be published in the EUCOMARE special volume of Springer Nature Edition. No publication fee for this volume.

Last deadline extension for submissions:

  • Final submission deadline for the special Issue in Remote Sensing Journal (MDPI)


  • Full-paper Submission deadline for the Springer Edition Volume (No further deadline extension is possible)

    Registrations are now open until 15th may 2022..

The conference will take place at the
Hotel Chateaubriand - Saint Malo,

12, place Chateaubriand
B.P. 181 / 35401 SAINT-MALO
Cedex, France

Conference Thematic

We invite you to send us your contributions, in particular, but not exclusively on:

  • Coastal zone monitoring by remote sensing at high spatial and temporal resolution
  • Coastal wetlands by remote sensing
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Synergistic use of remote sensing data sets
  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence for remote sensing application
  • Land Use / Land Cover – Sea Use / Sea Cover in coastal areas
  • Vulnerable aquatic systems
  • Coastal sedimentology and geomorphology
  • Coastal waters quality
  • Coastal urbanization trends
  • Monitoring of socio-economic issues in coastal areas (touristic infrastructures, agriculture, etc.)
  • Data processing and applications
  • Image and signal processing
  • Remote sensing and GIS applications
  • Understanding the societal issues involved in the use of satellite data and new technologies
  • Bathymetry study using optical, laser and acoustic systems
  • The use of remote sensing data in European, global and regional platforms for the observation of seas, coasts and estuaries
  • The use of satellite and airborne data in water quality assessments of oceans, coasts and coastal lagoons

Conference Sessions

Marine, Coastal and Aquatic ecosystems’ monitoring and biodiversity management
Marine, Coastal and Aquatic ecosystems’ monitoring and biodiversity management
Coastal Wetlands
Land Use / Land Cover – Sea Use / Sea Cover and planning
Deep Learning and artificial intelligence innovation
Marine, Coastal and Aquatic geomorphology and risk management
Pollution and Water quality
Poster sessions: Remote sensing through the sea-coast-land continuum

Guidelines for Session 1

Special Issue of RS Journal

Guideline for a publication in Springer Nature Edition (sessions 1-7)

Springer Nature Edition

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Conference fees

Registration: from 30 September 2021 to 15th May 2022.

  • Regular registration
    200 €
  • Young scientist (Student)
    150 €
  • Online participation 
    0 €

Important: If the payment is not successful or an invalid discount has been applied, the registration will not be valid until full payment has been received.

Students must provide documentation proving registered Student status.

The EUCOMARE conference fees include:
  • Access to all events days
  • Lunch/lunches during the event days
  • Coffee/tea breaks during the event days.


Pr. Dar Roberts

University of California Santa Barbara, Lab. VIPER, USA

Dr. Emiliano Agrillo

Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), Italy

Dr. Melanie Lück-Vogel

CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa

EUCOMARE chairs:

Prof. Frédéric JEAN

Director IUEM

Dr. HDR Simona Niculescu


Prof. Tristan Montier

Vice-President for Research and Innovation- UBO

Scientific committee

Dr. Emiliano Agrillo

Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), Italy

Dr. Anna Brook

University of Haifa, Israel 3

Prof. Christophe Claramunt

French Naval Academy, IRENAV

Dr. HDR Antoine Collin

EPHE-PSL, Dinard, France

Dr. Thomas Corpetti

LETG-Rennes, UMR 6554, France

Dr. Heidi van Deventer

CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa

Prof. Ronan Fablet

IMT-Atlantique, France

Dr. Daniela Faur

Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania

Prof. René Garello

IMT-Atlantique, France

Dr. Melanie Lück-Vogel

CSIR, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Dr. HDR Simona Niculescu

LETG-Brest UMR 6554, IUEM/UBO, France

Dr. Valentin Poncos

Kepler Space Inc, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Sebastien Rapinel

LETG-Rennes, UMR 6554, France

Prof. Dar Roberts

University of California Santa Barbara, Lab. VIPER, USA

Prof. Christiane Schmullius

University of Jena, Germany

Dr. Marie Smith

CSIR, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Pierre Tandeo

IMT-Atlantique, France

Dr. Junshi Xia

Geoinformatics Unit, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Sébastien Gadal

Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS ESPACE UMR 7300

Steering committee

Dr. HDR Simona Niculescu


Prof. Frédéric Jean

Director IUEM

Prof. Christian Brosseau

Vice-President Research and Innovation in charge of the Research Commission, UBO

Justine Roddier

International Partnerships Officer, IUEM/UBO

Dr. Marion Jaud

Pôle Image/ IUEM

Laurence David

Cartographe, LETG-Brest UMR 6554, IUEM/UBO

Isabelle Mescoff

Secretary LETG-Brest UMR 6554, IUEM/UBO

Soumia Bengoufa

Student PhD, ENSSMAL, Algérie /LETG-Brest UMR 6554

Nicolas Bellec

IMT Atlantique - GIS BreTel

Dr. HDR Antoine Collin

EPHE-PSL, Dinard

Prof. Christophe Claramunt

French Naval Academy, IRENAV

Marie Jagaille

IMT Atlantique - GIS BreTel

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