Dr. Guillaume HAJDUCH

Dr. Guillaume HAJDUCH

Expert in SAR technologies and Remote Sensing

Guillaume HAJDUCH is an expert in SAR technologies and Remote Sensing who holds degrees in telecommunication engineering and PhD in signal processing for imaging Radars.

He has a long experience in definition/development/calibration/validation of SAR (airborne and spaceborne) processors and derived products and services. Since 2008 at CLS, he is involved in activities related to the Sentinel-1 mission, including the development of the L2 Ocean Processor. Since 2012 he has been involved in the Sentinel-1 Mission Performance Centre (MPC) as Service Manager of the project. As such he is leading the team responsible of the end-to-end sensor and product performances for the Sentinel-1 constellation.

He is leading at CLS the SAR R&D department at CLS (Expertise & Innovation department). He is an expert user of the earth observation data generated by the Copernicus constellation and made available by the European Commission to the research, the industry communities and the citizens. He participates since years to regular training on the use of Earth Observation data in French engineering schools, thus promoting the European initiatives in the space sector.